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It is said that the photo will give a thousand words.
According to a study by Forrester Research,1 minute video for 1.8 million words!


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Overview and summary of what I do, what I can do, where I turn and where I produce. Wedding video, promotional and promo videos, and the passion of passion materialized in this show-show shows my love for what I'm doing - a video with a passion.

WhatI do

I have been fond of the film since my early age. As an older one, I became interested in technology and I got back to the film through this area. Shooting, production, and rental of shooting equipment. All this and much more I can offer in combination with fervor, sense of detail and professionalism.


I shoot wedding, travel and advertising videos. It's about capturing true emotions. The video is my life.


I will do the post-process when I shot the video. Cut down, add music and give the right color tone.


Dragging the original idea into the final picture. Held equipment, actors and everything for a successful shot.


Offer interesting locations, including necessary permits for your project in Europe, Asia, and America.


When I do not use my equipment, I do not want it to be idle. That is why I rent them for the best prices.


I am always available to my clients for any advice, advice, and information. Support 24/7.


Because each project is unique, all aspects are always tailored to the project. Here are just a few pieces of information that can bring you closer to my work and project costs.

Primarily I shoot a short video clip, with a musical background, according to the customer's request, of a length of 4-12 minutes. You can also find these videos on my video gallery site. I try to capture the course of the whole day from morning till night (12 hours). I always try to authenticate the shots and emotions they capture. Except for exceptional cases, I do not repeat and do not use weddings. The price for this service is 15.000, - CZK including VAT.

Video from the wedding ceremony will be either too long or too short. I am able to shoot such a video, but you have to expect the resulting video to be either a

I have my HQ in Brno, but I often go shooting around the Czech Republic. Prague and Zl�n are my other homes, and I am able to cover the entire country. It also depends on the type and length of the production.
Upon reaching a larger distance, I charge a fuel surcharge of CZK 3/1 km.

All the equipment I have is available for loan. This is the Panasonic Lumix G7 camera, the 3-axis Zhiyun Crane V2 camera stabilizer, the Xiaomi Yi 4k camera, the Zhiyun Pround Z1 3-axis stabilizer for the action cameras and the DJI Spark Green drones. contact me.

Wedding videos are my hobby and bring me a living. Of course, I do other videos. Advertising and promotional videos for nonprofit projects. I participate in short films in Prague and Zl�n. My lifetime passion is a travel video. So I can make you a wedding, a wedding, an ad and a wedding trip to a remote island.


WhoAm I

I'm crazy about modern technologies, videos, and experiences. Since I've been doing movies. Whether as a viewer or as a protagonist. I played in several shows and I got back to the film in recent years. This time, however, from behind the camera. I make weddings, promotional videos, promotional videos, and travel videos. In each video, I give my heart, capture emotions and try to bring pleasure, entertainment, and excitement to the audience.
I love what I do and I try to do it the best.


Vrazova 8, 616 00, Brno, Czech Republic

+420 728 764 555